Further Training

Never Stop Learning: How to use Education to get better at your Job

You’ve probably worked hard to get where you are in your career. Whether you’re a seasoned professional with 15 years in your industry, or you’ve only been working professionally for 5, there is always room for growth.

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Adults can be so busy with their jobs that they overlook learning. Taking some time every day to stay current in your industry only makes you better at what you do. Even more, committing to learning a new skill or going through management training to advance your position can make you an invaluable team member.

No matter how you commit to learning, there’s always time to grow. Here are a variety of things you can do to become more educated and better at your job:

Get Social

One of the best ways to get better is to follow people that are better. With the rise of social media, you’ll find experts in almost every industry that you can connect with easily. These people are thought leaders in their industry, setting the precedence for higher learning and higher skill sets. They’re often innovators that set trends for the rest of the industry.

All you need to connect with people all over the world is a Twitter or LinkedIn account – or both! Both of these social networks are used by professionals and can be a great resource for breaking news and trends. Take a few minutes every day, even over lunch, to see what’s new in your industry. You will learn something every day from someone else.

Ask for Assistance

Corporations with a lot of vertical growth potential often offer incentives or programs for further training. If your employer offers training programs, there’s no reason not to take them. These can be programs like F&I manager training or certification classes. Higher-ups often seek out exceptional employees, enrolling them in these manager training classes.

manager training

But if your employer doesn’t offer education programs, there’s nothing wrong with asking. When an employer invests in a team member’s education, they’re investing in their company. Your employer might be more than happy to foot the bill for classes or offer tuition reimbursement for some of the cost. You won’t know until you ask – it’s a worthy investment for everyone involved.

Pack your Bags

No, we don’t mean quit your job. We mean you should be prepared to travel! Another awesome way to improve your skills is to travel to industry conferences. These are more than a way for your company to gather news leads and sales. The seminars and talks at industry conferences can be a great way to learn new skills and industry news.

Focus on conferences with speakers you’d love to hear. Also, looks for packages that include small group talks and events to get even more out of the trip. Employers are usually more than happy to pay for the networking, learning, and possible sales opportunities at a conference. Attending a conference is a great way to move you out of your comfort zone while giving you plenty of opportunities to learn something new!

Regardless of whether you spend 30 minutes or 5 hours a day learning something new, it’s time well spent on your personal and professional growth. Learning new things only makes you more valuable, which is a worthy investment!